Healing Adrenal Fatigue Through a Healthy Diet: 11 Foods You Should Be Eating

Experts estimate that millions of Americans are struggling with adrenal fatigue (sometimes referred to as HPA-Axis Dysregulation or Dysfunction). This condition can leave you feeling exhausted during the day and unable to fall asleep at night. You may also experience symptoms like hair loss, weight gain or loss, increased cravings, and difficulty recovering from illness. […]

Fight Cold & Flu Season Naturally with a Thrive Wellness Pack!

Boost Your Immune System: It’s that time of year when healthy diets get pushed aside, and sweets and cold and flu season take the spotlight. This year, take action and boost your immune system naturally with a very special Immune Boosting Wellness Pack! Dr. Shannon has selected all of the necessities, and they are conveniently packaged for quick […]

Caring for your Thyroid

Why is the Thyroid Gland so Important? You probably already know that the thyroid is an important organ, and it is in charge of many functions in your body. It is located in the front of your neck and produces hormones to communicate with the rest of the organs within the body. What Happens When […]

Tired All the Time?

Struggling with Afternoon Fatigue? Two Steps to Beat Fatigue Get Your Energy Back! Fatigue or lack of energy are the most common symptoms that our patients report to us when they first come to Thrive! Wellness Center. It doesn’t matter if they’re women or men, teenagers, middle-aged or seniors citizens. The number one complaint is: […]

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