Dr. Shannon Roznay, D.C.

I decided to become a natural health provider at age 13.  I had suddenly started experiencing panic attacks for no apparent reason.  I struggled to control them and was having trouble at home and school for months.

We looked everywhere for help including medical doctors, my school counselor, even a psychiatrist that wanted to put me on medication.  No one had any answers about why I was having the problem and no one had a good solution.

Then I visited my chiropractor…

He was able to figure out the cause and had  me back to my old self in just a couple of weeks! No medications, and with totally natural care.

I decided then that I wanted to  help others in the same way.

I knew that someday I’d be able to help others realize what I suddenly knew–that a natural approach to health concerns was safe and more effective than what I had been offered by the other “experts”.

I am  a Doctor of Chiropractic and I specialize in using Nutrition Response Testing to help people improve every area of health.

I love to teach women, men and children of all ages how to improve their health through better diet and natural whole food supplements as well as chiropractic adjustments.

I’ve always wanted to help people, and I’ve found that by listening to what my patients tell me and applying  proven nutritional and chiropractic principles, I can help them more than they’ve ever imagined.

Changing the healthcare paradigm – one community at a time

I’ve now achieved my purpose of helping people get healthy using nutrition as an alternative to drugs and surgery.  In addition to helping you at Thrive! I travel across the U.S. teaching other healthcare providers how to use Nutrition Response Testing to help their patients gain whole new levels of health.

My goal is to create a more effective, non-drug health care paradigm for the whole country — starting with you.

Dr. Shannon Roznay

My goal is to create a more effective, non-drug health care paradigm for the whole country — starting with you.

– Dr. Shannon Roznay, DC.

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