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“Before I came here I had experienced lots of different symptoms — I had trouble sleeping and had night sweats. I got random pains and found lumps. My diet was terrible, I ate lots of baked goods and coffee. I also had issues with one of my knees from a car accident. I felt tired and stressed almost all the time. Since coming to Thrive Wellness Center and seeing Dr. Shannon I now sleep through the night without issue, my knee pain has been reduced to almost the point of non-existence and I am no longer tired or stressed. She also helped me relieve the random pains I had experienced. I now understand how important my diet is for my health and it has improved greatly too!”  – K.D.

Good health is not merely surviving

Tired all the time?

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Still not sure? We understand. One thing we’ve found in nearly a decade of helping people create a new level of health with chiropractic and nutrition is that most people that come to us have tried lots of things and usually not gotten very good results.

We hope sharing a few of the hundreds of inspiring patient stories will give you the confidence you need to take the first step.

Before I came, I had debilitating gastritis. I had stomach pain and discomfort whether I ate or not. I felt like I had a large pole sticking transverse through my body from my gall bladder to my kidney – was there constantly, exacerbated at times, but always there. Now my gastritis is gone! I have improved nutritional intake with no pain. The “pole” through my body is gone for the first time in many, many years and has stayed gone! I am very encouraged, relieved, and grateful.


Before I came to see Dr. Shannon at Thrive Wellness Center, my spine was unstable and I couldn’t exercise or garden. My knee was also pretty unstable. I had occasional bouts of insomnia & sensation of bursting out of my skin. I was often constipated, in spite of a high fiber diet. Since coming here, my spine & knee are stable and now working in the garden is possible and pleasurable again. My knee is fully functional in spite of several falls. I have not sprained or broken anything since I started! The insomnia and sensation of bursting out of my skin has subsided & I am rarely constipated.


Health on a Whole New Level

With Nutrition Response Testing and Chiropractic services, our patients get well and stay well.

It’s an entirely new paradigm:  See a Doctor – Eat Food, Not Drugs – Get Healthy.

“As an RN, the majority of my days involve giving people medications to mask signs and symptoms of disease or illness. Very rarely does modern medicine get to the root cause of a problem and suggest actual lifestyle or nutrition changes. Approximately 4 years ago I experienced a health crisis. Kidney stones, gallbladder removal, UTIs, Interstitial Cystitis, GI distress and my chronic headaches & migraines had increased. My daily life was difficult. Four surgeries in one year and a multitude of medications and with all that, I still felt terrible and my health issues were not improving. A friend referred me to Dr. Shannon. Following her dietary and supplement recommendations (which were very easy) my life has changed dramatically! I no longer suffer from GI distress, bladder problems or kidney stones and my headaches have decreased to almost zero. I’ve also lost some weight. By making a few easy and natural lifestyle changes my health and daily life has improved dramatically!”

A.J. – Registered Nurse

I was always tired. I barely had the energy to do anything and I was pretty depressed. I didn’t leave the house very often and I was having trouble enjoying things before I came to Thrive Wellness Center. Now, I have a lot more energy and am going out more frequently. My mood has been much better and I’m starting to get back into things I used to enjoy. I am overall feeling much better and more alive.


Health on a Whole New Level

Regaining your health and protecting your family’s health is your most important job.

The only real health insurance starts with you understanding what good health is.

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