Fight Cold & Flu Season Naturally with a Thrive Wellness Pack!

Boost Your Immune System:

It’s that time of year when healthy diets get pushed aside, and sweets and cold and flu season take the spotlight. This year, take action and boost your immune system naturally with a very special Immune Boosting Wellness Pack! Dr. Shannon has selected all of the necessities, and they are conveniently packaged for quick pick-up. This is something everyone can benefit from, so pick one up for yourself, or for someone who might need an extra boost!


What’s Inside this Special Wellness Pack?

1. Ingredients to make Homemade Elderberry Syrup: a natural remedy to prevent, relieve, and speed up cold and flu recovery. We have included Organic Elderberry Powder, Organic Spices (ginger, cinnamon, and clove) and a recipe featuring simple step-by-step instructions and details.

2. Congaplex:  This is one of our favorite go-to supplements for this time of year. Congaplex not only supports healthy immune system function, but it contains an amazingly healthy boost in necessary antioxidants to keep you feeling your best, or to help you recover more quickly if you are feeling a bit under the weather.

3. Thieves Essential Oil Roll On:  a powerful blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary essential oils that help to sanitize and kill bacteria and relieve cold and flu symptoms faster. Use this topically on the wrists or on the bottoms of your feet to help ward off illness. If fighting something, use 3-5 times per day. (Extra bonus: it smells like Christmas!)

Stop in and pick yours up today!

*Most Importantly: Call us immediately when you start to feel sick this season– we can help! 

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