How to Safely Detox in the New Year

After the holiday festivities have died down many patients ask me about doing a cleanse or detox to get back on track with healthy eating and start the new year off right. This time of year is actually not the best for a formal cleanse, particularly one that is restrictive of fat and protein.

  • First, the selection of fruits and veggies is very limited or expensive this time of year—it’s better to wait until spring when we have local produce available. 
  • Second, you will feel cold and sluggish, something that already typically occurs in January in Michigan!

Instead, you can adopt some healthy habits that will support normal, healthy detoxification, and get ready for a longer, successful cleanse when the weather starts to warm.

Here are some specific ideas:

  • Caffeine–restrict your overall caffeine intake to 2 or less cups of organic coffee per day.  Even better, drink your coffee “bulletproof” style—add in butter and coconut oil to get quality fats into your diet and minimize the coffee’s effect on your blood sugar (ask the front desk for our recipe).
  • Get Creative–have your coffee another way—via enema! That’s right, coffee enemas are an excellent way to decongest your liver and support detoxification on a whole new level.  This is a safe, efficient way to reduce pain, improve immune function, and increase energy. We have everything you need to do this, just ask =]
  • Keep Hydrated–plenty of water with electrolytes and fresh lemon supports hydration, which maximizes your body’s ability to remove toxins. (Sidenote: our Hydration Special at Thrive starts this coming Monday January 14th! All electrolytes, water drops, moisturizers, coconut oil, and salts are 20% OFF!)
  • Get Sweaty!— Sweat out toxins! Exercising, whether it’s walking, running, yoga, or lifting weights, is a great way to ensure removal of waste through your skin and lungs. Infrared sauna is another way to sweat it out and improve circulation.  What’s better in the winter months than sitting in a hot sauna??
  • More Bone Broth! –Bone broth is a healthy way to get lots of nutrients and if you make it into soup you will have an easy, nourishing meal that supports your immune system and healthy digestion.  Healthy elimination means you get rid of toxins more efficiently.
  • Sauna Treatment: Did you know we have an Infrared Sauna at Thrive? It is the perfect way to unwind and relax during these extra cold months, while also sweating out toxins, calming aches and pains, and so much more.
  • 21 Day Purification Challenge: If you are going to do a formal cleanse, our 21 Day Purification Challenge is a healthy and balanced way to do so this time of year. This is a great cleanse to the liver which clears the whole body of toxins and liver/gallbladder sludge using whole food supplements and healthy whole foods. For more details, ask the Practitioners in the office — we can modify this cleanse to fit your specific health needs. 

Yours in Health,
Dr. Shannon Roznay

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