Are Your Hormones going Haywire?

Think you’re too young to worry about menopause or perimenopause?  Well, hot flashes and mood swings and thinning hair can start as early as your 40s. But I’ve seen these symptoms in even younger women too.

Signs and symptoms of menopause can vary widely from woman to woman and can happen at very different ages for each of us.

What are some symptoms of menopause?

They may include some or all the symptoms I mentioned earlier plus many others including night sweats, vaginal dryness and increased irritability and anxiety.

Hormones help regulate all of our body’s systems.

As women, hormonal imbalances often cause more problems for us than we realize.

Weight gain around the abdomen is also a common issue among women as we age.

Can you fix my menopause?

Obviously, we can’t “fix” it. Because nothing is broken, it is a natural process of aging.  That’s why trying to reverse it with hormonal treatments can cause so many other problems.

What I have found is that all of these symptoms can be successfully eliminated, or managed, with specific dietary changes and adding proper whole food supplements or herbs.

“My friend says ‘yak’s milk’ lozenges help…” *

You may have received advice from well-intentioned friends going through the change or read online reports about menopause remedies….

“The thing that helped my menopause symptoms was                                    .” Fill in the blank.

Everything from Wild Yam, Estrogen cream, black cohosh, soy, flaxseed, evening primrose or any number of different herbs, remedies and treatments.

Guess what? … Some of them really do work.

So which one will work for you?

All of them? None of them?

(*We’ve never heard of yak’s milk lozenges either…joke.)

Hormonal Imbalances – Which organ is it?

In my experience, you have to determine which organ in your body is actually causing the imbalance in hormones in order to know how to correct the issues. This can be your ovaries, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals or even your kidneys.

There will be one key organ that unlocks the whole mystery to your hormonal problems.

Hormones out of balance –  One bad apple

All hormonal organs (sometimes called endocrine) communicate to one another and if one of them is out of balance it can cause others to become confused and produce more or less of the hormones that are needed. Your body is constantly working to balance and regulate the levels of different hormonal substances. So when one is ‘out of whack’the others are automatically going to react.

Can excess sugar cause hormone problems?

We often see that if a woman eats a lot of sugar and her insulin levels go up she experiences a surge in hot flashes. This is because the production of her sex and growth hormones  go down in response to this higher insulin level. So much for chocolate being a sure cure.

Hormonal issues – The Domino Effect

This domino effect of the endocrine system contributes to fatigue, lower energy, slowed healing and ultimately a lowered metabolism.

This is why one of the first solutions to hormonal symptoms is a dietary change. And it involves reducing sugar intake from things like candies, cookies, ice cream and even processed foods which are almost always loaded with sugar and refined carbohydrates.

Haywire Hormones? Find the primary cause

The most important thing is to find out which organ(s) in your system are struggling the most and then determine exactly which remedies and supplements will help them return to normal.  That’s why we do a  Nutrition Response Testing analysis as the first step.

This allows us to find out specifically which nutritional supplements your body needs to relieve your hormonal imbalances and return your health to optimum. It may also include getting rid of things you’re eating that are making the symptoms worse.

Putting your health on a whole new level is possible and for women that includes moving through menopause as a perfectly normal stage of life, with little to no adverse symptoms.

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