Six Health Myths Busted!

Is What You Eat Making You Sick?

5 Food Myths Busted #Foodmythsbusted-4Myth #1: Red meat causes cancer.

Fact: Low-quality, processed foods cause cancer.

Red meat can fall into this category if it is from factory-farmed cows that are fed grain and food-industry leftovers (like Snickers bars!)

Fact: Your body and your brain thrive on high-quality protein – including red meat.

Healthy, grass-fed beef contains as much omega-3 fat as fish and is very good for you. If you live in the Ann Arbor area you can find grass-fed beef at Arbor Farms Market. You can also find local farmers at many farmer’s markets who offer grass-fed beef.

Myth #2: Eating fat and cholesterol makes you fat.

Even the FDA has finally admitted this is totally false…after 30 years of telling us it was true.

Fact: Eating excess carbohydrates and empty calories makes you fat.

Fat and protein keep you full and nourished, and along with vegetables will help you avoid the pitfalls of too much sugar and carbohydrates—the true fat culprits.

Myth #3: Eating fat and cholesterol gives you high cholesterol.

Fact: Excess carbohydrates and sugars increase your cholesterol.

Eating too many refined carbohydrates and sugar damages arteries, causes inflammation and gives you higher than normal cholesterol levels.

That is what causes heart disease and strokes.

Fat and cholesterol in your diet are not the issue.

Overconsumption of refined carbohydrates is the issue.

If you limit simple carb and sugar consumption you can eat as much healthy fat as you’d like and still have normal cholesterol.

Myth #4:   Eating healthy is expensive.

Fact: Eating healthy saves you money – short term and long term.

When you buy and eat healthy food there will definitely be somethings you won’t have or experience:

  • Your kids won’t get sick as often.
  • You won’t take sick days or miss work, and you’ll be more productive at your job.
  • You’ll live longer.
  • You won’t need to spend thousands of dollars a year on medications.
  • You won’t experience drug side effects that mean more drugs are prescribed.

Experiencing any one of those things will help you save money for real.

You can put away for your children’s education. Put more money into retirement.

If you invest in real food and nutrition-based healthcare that heals your body – you will thrive and avoid all the costs that come from eating the standard american diet (aka SAD).

Plus, if you get your produce from local farmers market, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll know where your food came from and support American family farms instead of giant food corporations.

Myth #5: Eating healthy takes too much time.

Fact: Eating healthy can be almost as fast as fast “food” – with a few simple steps & small changes in habit.

Right out of the gate you will certainly have to reorganize some things.

You’ll figure out what you need to buy and cook each week so you can eat real food and have a healthier lifestyle.

But, I can assure you, it takes just as much time to not eat right as it does to eat healthy.

Think about it.

How much time is spent in drive thrus and picking up carry out.  And when was the last time a family meal out (even at Denny’s) didn’t eat up several hours — and half a week’s grocery bill.

I work full time and I’m often out of town teaching other doctors the type of real healthcare we do here at Thrive!  I have friends, family and patients with children and full time jobs too.

All of us manage to cook most of our food at home from quality ingredients that truly nourish our families.

I guarantee you can do it too.  And I also guarantee it will be worth your effort to feel this good!

Myth #6: ” I don’t have symptoms & my blood work is ‘normal’ –  I must be healthy.”

Fact: True Health is much more than absence of disease.

Good health is not determined by blood work.

Good health is not determined by tests in your doctor’s office.

The “symptoms” of good health are:

  • Having true vitality
  • (Nearly) boundless energy
  •  And absence of disease or sickness

Truly good health is determined by:

  • Eating nourishing real food
  • Drinking lots of clean chemical-free water
  • And having a body as free from chemical burden as you can manage.

That is true health.

We see people on a regular basis that have “normal” blood work but don’t feel so hot. They also don’t have the other symptoms of good health like vitality and energy.

Don’t let lack of disease symptoms or normal blood work be your yardstick.

Do you want vitality, boundless energy and no illness?

Busting these six health myths is one way we can help you get there.

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