Thrive, Don’t Diet!

Do you hate diets? Do you hate dieting?

So do I.

Especially the word – Diet.

Because we don’t know what it really means.

“Diet” as it is used today usually means eating low-fat meals, restricting calories, eating only fruit, drinking only juice for a week and other fads…in short:

Deprivation and Failure.

The truth is….

“Diets Don’t Work.”

They can’t work because they’re almost always unsustainable.

The only way to address health and weight loss is through holistic lifestyle changes.

Things you can change and do forever… and no one can eat only grapefruit forever!

When I say, “The first thing we need to focus on is your diet,” I simply mean we’re going to start looking at “What you eat.”

Most of us really have no idea what we’re eating and feeding our families everyday.

And when it comes to your health and losing weight – it really does all start (and end) with the food you eat.

The “diet” I recommend is basically, “Eat Real Food!”All of our dietary and lifestyle reccomendations are actually very simple…you could probably call them ‘uncommon’ common sense. I can sum up the advice I give most about losing weight in about 3 steps, so here they are:

3 Ways You Can Lose Weight Right Now & Keep it Off

1) Avoid low fat foods. I mean it.

Low fat foods will make you more unhealthy. Good fats are necessary for good health, they keep you full and they keep you satisfied.

Good fats help boost your metabolism.

Low fat products usually contain a lot of sugar and chemicals to try and make them taste better

…and ultimately they make you fatter.

2) Avoid processed foods…and they are everywhere, so read labels.

Most processed foods contain added sugars (you won’t believe everything they put sugar in, keep your eyes peeled.)

Processed foods also almost always have loads of other chemicals and additives that cause food cravings and imbalances in your body.

The chemicals in processed foods:

Slow your metabolism
Make you feel tired
Make you feel hungry
Make you eat more..and
Make you fat.
Avoid them at all costs!

3) Sweat!

You don’t have to run marathons.

Any amount of movement that works up a sweat will help get your heart rate up, clean out toxins and burn more calories.

Some good places to start moving and sweating:

Go for a brisk walk. Start easy and increase your speed and time as you get stronger.
Try Hot yoga…it’s pretty intense, but oh so worth it. I’ve seen people from their teens to their 80s in class. Anyone can do it.
Go to the gym or the YMCA and spend 15 minutes in the sauna. (If you’re a patient, ask Jessica about the far infrared sauna the next time you’re in.)
Don’t worry if you can only walk for 10 minutes before tiring out or you can’t get through a whole hot yoga session.

Just get started and get moving. Then increase your activity a little at a time.

Once you’re moving as a habit you won’t want to stop.

Already got a regular exercise regimen of some kind ?

Take it up a notch with HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. This kind of exercise is the best for your metabolism and long term health.

Ask someone about it at your gym the next time you go.

There are also plenty of videos available for free online to get you started.

I like www.hasfit.com for workouts you can do in 10 to 30 minutes depending on your schedule and endurance level. You can find them right here.

Don’t Let the Simplicity of These 3 Tips Fool You
Simple is best.

Get started, do all three for a few weeks and let me know your results.

If you follow these 3 tips you will start losing weight right away and if you keep doing it, you will be able to keep it off.

The best part is that I guarantee no matter what, you will be on your road to a new level of health.

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